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Mammal Watch

All the mammals – and some birds too...   A couple of weeks ago, I was lent the trail camera by the Oxford Small Mammals group, in order to identify, once and for all, what has been eating my daily offering of hedgehog food. It’s easy to set up and takes a video or still photos when triggered by any movement.   Young Male Hedgehog dining al fresco - socially-distanced, of course. Photo. Beverly Chandler   Some four years ago, I realised that the only hedgehog I had seen in Eynsham was, sadly, flat as a pancake on the Witney Road. And then at coming-out-of-the-pub time on a balmy Saturday evening, I saw a live one, in sports mode, running down Acre End Street. If you have never seen a hedgehog running, trust me, they are surprisingly speedy and have …

Brush up your Survey Skills!

Our Lockdown Garden surveys gave a picture of the wildlife in Eynsham - now we can widen our practice.

Ancient Trees - Sequel to The Long Read

Ancient trees are a defined category and it turns out that the UK has a relatively large number of them compared to other European countries.

Trees of Life

NRN's Long read for New Year 2021

Nature Recovery Day Successes!

Forty Nature Recoverers planted a phenomenal amount of seeds and bulbs on the new Eynsham meadows.

Nature Recovery in Action!

Nature Recovery in Action! 24 Jun 2020 Eynsham's Nature Recovery Network working away during lock-down