How best to achieve the most complex mosaic of habitats that the local area can achieve is the central question addressed by the Nature Recovery Network. It is a far from simple problem of how to balance the needs of farmers, businesses, schools, and the many other stakeholders in the community with the aspiration of increasing biodiversity. The Habitats Group has taken on perhaps the most diffficult of tasks, but that is one reflection of our relative ignorance of what exists locally, and how we balance long-term strategies for conserving and increasing biodiversity with the needs of the moment. Here is the Discussion Forum for this Project.

Grassland Wildflowers (meadows and meadow areas)

Veteran Trees 



Plant Propagation


Ponds and freshwater habitats

Flowers for Wildlife (cornfield annuals and garden plants)

Willow Coppice

Creating nestbox habitats

Creating Hedgehog Habitats