Way back in the mists of pre-Covid time, Peace Oak organised a talk in the Village Hall by Hugh Warwick, the aclaimed author of not one, but three books on hedgehogs and the spokesperson for the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. His spiky, sparky talk included movies of hedgehogs speeding around Kirtlington's Hedgehog Highway. Since hedgehogs were known to be present in Eynsham, the Kirtlington pioneers, Chris and Steve Powles, were asked to give one of NRN's Tiny Talks in 2021.  They energised Eynshamers to get busy and create a Superhighway for Hedgehogs in Eynsham as part of the NRNs habitat creation projects.

Hedgehog afficianados leapt into action and you can read about personal encounters with Hedgehogs in Eynsham, Eynsham's Hedgehogs in the News and  Reports of the Highspeed Hedgehog Superhighway construction day.