While Love, Light, Fresh Air and Sunshine are important ingredients in sustaining the Nature Recovery Network, £sd has also been a vital component in giving the NRN a flying start. This spontaneous generosity of our benefactors has enabled us to achieve many things in a short time:

Funding for the NRN was used to run the public consultation in the Market Garden in November and December 2019 and in the Village Hall in January 2020, to invite every household to take part through comprehensive leafleting; to respond to the immediate eagerness to plant trees at the entrance the village; to facilitate citizen science for scouts and schools to make surveys of freshwater habitats of Eynsham Parish through provision of sophisticated analytic instruments and reagents; to provide materials to build nest boxes for owls and garden birds, to run how-to-do workshops on bird and butterfly surveying and wildflower meadow creation (postponed till autumn); to establish an Eynsham-wide Garden Wildlife Survey; to carry out a reptile surveys in Eynsham Churchyard and Peace Oak Community Orchard; to support Eynsham Parish Council in its duties regarding Climate Change and the Biodiversity Crisis, and to begin the construction of this dedicated Website, which is the key piece of infrastructure needed to facilitate all the activities of our Nature Recovery Network.

We would like to acknowledge with gratitude the support of:

Natural England
Trust for Oxfordshire Environment and Grundon Waste Management
Oxfordshire County Council Councillor Priority Fund (Cllr Charles Mathew)
Eynsham Society, Eynsham
GreenTEA, Eynsham
Wychwood Project
Earthwatch, Europe
Eynsham Parish Council
The Market Garden, Greengrocer and Deli, Eynsham
Evenlode DIY Shop, Eynsham
Run Wytham Woods, Eynsham 
Butterfly Conservation
British Trust for Ornithology
Long Mead Local Wildlife Site
Hanna Instruments
iniForum (website)
as well as the many individuals who give their time and expertise pro bono.
Should you wish to support the Nature Recovery Network through a donation, however large or small, regardless of currency, please donate by Credit Card here.