Heather's Allotment PatchHeather Horner's Cornfield Annual Mix.
Photo: Catriona Bass.



Like the the perennial wildflowers, the wildflowers of old cornfields are equally threatened, but alsoimportant for wildlife. Cornfield annuals (or 'arable weeds' as farmers called them before weedkillers eliminated most of them from the landscape). These are the red poppies, corn cockles and cornflowers that many of us think of when we think of wildflowers. In a garden environment, non-native plants such as lavenders and rosemaries and opium poppies also benefit our wildlife, as do roses and dahlias so long as they are the single-petalled varieties.

If you’d like to join the Flowers for Wildlife Group who planted Heather Horner’s wildflower seed mix on the allotments last autumn, please contact Heather (hahwindrush@aol.com) or Sue Raikes (sue.raikes@appleinter.net)