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Eynsham's Swifts and Cuckoos Return!

Eynsham's Swifts and Cuckoos Return! 21 Apr 2020 First sightings of swifts, Tanners Lane Sparrowhawk, a new Plants for Pollinators group & other nature notes

Nature Recovery in a time of trials

19 Mar 2020: In these difficult times, Eynsham's Nature Recovery network is growing impressively.

1st Nature Day

17 Feb 2020 Eynsham People Power out-Storms Dennis!

Kevan Martin asks: What is 'Biodiversity?'

In the Nature Recovery Project we emphasise biodiversity , because nature is all joined up - so thinking about ecosystems is at least as important as saving individual species, or embarling on specific efforts to mitigate global warming or climate change.

Kevan Martin 'muses

Everyday we are inundated with news about the climate change crisis, with dramatic images of glaciers receding, polar ice melting, fires, floods, famines, and extreme weather conditions. The responsibility of humans for this crisis and the scientific evidence upon which it is based are unfortunately very hotly debated, if you’ll excuse the pun. But the flip side of the coin, about which there is no argument, is that humans are solely responsible for the massive loss in biodiversity.

Eynsham Nature Project Newsletter 25-Jan-2020

  Hello [firstname], Welcome to the Eynsham Nature Project newsletter of upcoming events, articles, jobs and more from our membership. News for Dec 26, 2019 to Jan 25, 2020   Local societies kick off a Nature Recovery Network Local societies kicked off a Nature Recovery Network for our local parish on Wed evening. We were expecting about 50 people at the Village Hall and 250 turned up - queues round the block and a huge positive buzz. Now inundated with people wanting to get on with it!   [More Info] Events for Jan 25, 2020 to Feb 24, 2020   First Collective Nature Recovery Event Blah blah and more blah [More Info] iniForum GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland | | Having trouble viewing this newsletter? View the web version here. Want to Unsubscribe from this newsletter?Click Here