Community raking_dovehouse_CROP


Eynshamers of all ages, supported by a wonderful number of people from neighbouring villages, have been preparing the new wildflower meadows around Eynsham. These are at the southern end of the Playing Fields, in the car park of the Fishponds (Monk's Wood), in St Leonard's Churchyard and in Dovehouse Close. 

Here we show the process in pictures - botanical surveys, reptile surveys, raking, scything rotovating, wheelbarrowing and the fun had by all! For those who are interested, the botanical survey report is attached. (Reptile survey report coming soon)

On the Nature Recovery Day on 19th September (10am to 2am, details to follow), the final preparation and sowing of the seed will take place. On the allotments, the Flowers for Wildlife group will be sowing and giving away annual, perennial, wildflower and garden flower seeds. Everyone is welcome to join in! 

The project has been made possible by an extraordinary network of people coming together in the community with hands-on physical volunteering from many people, supported by the pro bono work of our local professionals and experts, and assisted by a number of Parish Councillors, and our community organisations. Funding has been provided through the Trust for Oxfordshire Environment from Grundon Waste Management Ltd (through the Landfill Communities Fund). 

 Alison Muldal's report of the botanical surveys is here:



botanical survey-7946Aspiring botanists carrying out a baseline botanical survey on the playing field before meadow preaprations begin.


botanical survey-7958Botanical survey of St Leonard's Churchyard.


NRN website_sloworm_team1_7705Neil Clennel directing the placement of slow worm and grass snake refuges for the Churchyard reptile survey


reptile survey-7748Refuge for slow worms and grass snakes for the Churchyard reptile survey
kevin mckemey scythin-Scything the Churchyard before scarifying.


Churchyard_prepSt. Leonard's community preparing the Churchyard for wildflower sowing.


Playingfieldsharrow-9861Artist Anne Gingell created and painted all the 'Nature Recovery in Progress' signs. Here she is installing some in the playing fields.


Playingfieldsharrow-9855Graham Podberry harrowing the playing fields after mowing to preapre the tilth for green hay.



greenhayforageharvester-0090Collecting seed using a forage harvester to spread green on the playing fields.


greenhayforageharvester-9963Blowing out a fine spray of seed with a muck spreader.



kevfergie-8284'Where are the switches in this thing?' Getting ready to roll the green hay seed after spreading.



dovehouse-8476Doverhouse Close resident, Kirsty Hammond, hard at work removing weed roots.


dovehouse-8479Councillor Ross Macken rolling the ground after scarrifying and raking.


dovehouse-8481A well-deserved cuppa - Dovehouse Close meadow prepared for yellow rattle sowing by intrepid Nature Recoverists.


dovehouse-8491Preparing the ground at the Fishponds (Monks' Wood). All ages welcome!


dovehouse-8506David Rivalin and Luke, whose familiy imaginatively created a meadow running down to Monks' Wood.


dovehouse-8513All done! At least until the sowing of the yellow rattle in September!