Bev Chandler Hedgehog feeder


Wood Mouse feeding

Working together for Wildlife I

The first of two Parish Webinars

Working together for WIldlife II

The second of Two Parish Webinars

Fungi foraging

Feel good fungi foraging; finding joy in the small things (Renee Watson - Science communicator)

Edible Eynsham

Edible Eynsham? (Sue Raikes - GreenTEA and Peace Oak)

Willow Coppice

Willow Coppice: creatively growing, making and learning (Andy Goodwin and Charlotte Holmes -

Reviving Ratty

Reviving Ratty- The plight of one of Britain’s most iconic mammals, the water vole, and what we can do to …

Look, listen, lament

Look, listen, lament: grief and the loss of biodiversity (Linda Wisheart - Psychotherapist):

Fighting for Trees

Fighting for Trees: going the extra mile to save important trees (Sarah Couch - Heritage Landscape Specialist

Photographing Wildlife

Tips for photographing wildlife on a Budget (Kerry Fisher, Cancer researcher and photographer):

Nature in Eynsham

Half a century of trying to protect Nature in Eynsham (Sue Chapman - Former Chair of Eynsham Society and Parish …

The Slow Worm

The slow worm; our secretive suburban companion (Neil Clennell - Herpetologist, CEO, Wychwood Project):

Regenerative Farming Techniques

Tiny Talk: Tackling biodiversity loss and climate change on our farm using regenerative agriculture techniques (Clare Hill - Director Regenerative …

Earthworms: Nature's Ploughshare

Tiny Talk by David Knight

Hedgehog Highway

hedgehog highway

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