A Webinar for our local Parish Councils and Communities

11th February 2021, 7.30pm - 8.45pm


A recording of the Webinar can be found here:






Under the Environment Bill, soon to become law, all public authorities in England will have a duty ‘to conserve and enhance biodiversity’. In this, the first of two webinars, Eynsham's Nature Recovery Network is hosted by Stanton Harcourt Parish Council and funded by Natural England to look at ways in which our local Parish Councils can embrace these new responsibilities and tap into the expertise and enthusiasm that is in the local community. 

Cllr Charles Mathew (Chairman), Stanton Harcourt Parish Council, Oxfordshire County Council


A Network of People for Nature Recovery – Catriona Bass (Nature Recovery Network & Thames Valley Wildflower Meadow Restoration Project)

Rethinking our Green Spaces – Neil Clennell (CEO, Wychwood Project)

Embracing change from within – Cllr Jane MacBean (Buckinghamshire Council and Chesham Town Council)


Case Studies:


Making Change Happen – Cllr Chris Church (North Hinksey Parish Council)

Working with Local Experts and Enthusiasts – Cllr Ross Maken (Eynsham Parish Council)




Eynsham's Nature Recovery Network is a network of individuals, community groups, local businesses and councillors in Eynsham and the surrounding parishes dedicated to understanding, protecting and restoring our local nature in all its diversity. This bottom-up approach aims at connecting enthusiasts with experts and businesses and councillors all living in the same local area to enable a scaling-up of nature recovery in the face of the climate and ecological crisis.