Your Bird Survey Group Needs You!

Blue tit Recruiting Sergeant,

Photo Kerry Fisher


Bird Surveys Project - Getting Involved

Our goal is to gather and share as much information as we can about the birds that live and migrate through our local area over the long term. We eager to encourage as many people to get involved as possible, including helping those who are eager to learn to survey so that, over time, we can build up a knowledge and committed group of lcoal surveyors. For more details on on the what, where and why of the project click here.

Contact the Bird Group Organizer, Allen Stevens tastevens44@gmail.com to join our team of experienced surveyors or to register your interest for joining our training sessions.

Share your opinions and questions in the Forum

Use the Bird Survey Form to log your sightings, either on your phone or on your desktop.

Sign the NRN Survey Consent Form so that we can share your sightings with national research organisations. 

You might find the following equipment helpful:

  • a notebook
  • a pair of binoculars
  • a bird guide (Human or Artificial)
  • patience