Map of Eynsham Observations

One creative response of the NRN to the Coronavirus lockdown was to use the opportunity to increase the density and frequency of our ongoing bird surveys. We invited people to spend half-an-hour on Sunday morning recording the species and numbers of birds they saw in and around their gardens and send them in. 


P3211692Blue tit in flight. Photographer - Kerry Fisher


More than 30 households got involved and their results are plotted on the Eynsham Observations map. The data are also sent to the British Trust for Ornithology, which adds a unique village-wide survey to their nationwide database, as well as to the Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre.

The Garden Survey is ongoing with a core group diligently completing weekly surveys and others recording on an occasional basis. Do please email if you would like to join in the garden surveys, or the monthly walk surveys either as an independent surveyor or as an apprentice surveyor