Male slow wormMale Slow Worm. Photo Catriona Bass

Reptile Surveys Project - Getting Involved

Our goal is to gather and share as much information as we can about the long-term beaviour of reptiles that live in our local area.Mostly these will involve slow worms and grass snakes, but we are hoping to discover lizards too. We are fortunate to have resident experts to help study these protected species.

We eager to encourage as many people to get involved as possible, including helping those who are eager to learn to survey so that, over time, we can build up a knowledge and committed group of lcoal surveyors. For more details on on the what, where and why of the project click here.

Reptile surveys do require training, so join our next training session.

Share your opinions and questions in the Reptile Forum.

Sign the NRN Survey Consent Form so that we can share your sightings with national research organisations. 

You might find the following equipment helpful:

  • a notebook
  • a pair of sharp eyes
  • a refuge or two
  • a guide (Human or Artificial)
  • time