Nicky--2Early Days of the NRN. Beating the Bounds to identify Opportunities for Nature Recovery.
Photo Catriona Bass


Tributes from Donors.

With much love Nicola, (Karl and Mabel McConville)

Dearest Nicky, It is a great privilege to know you. We loved your wisdom, wit and contagious laugh. During the last year, you have extended to me advice, support and great kindness in my health battle, all at a time when you were fighting your own. We will miss you. You’ve made such a difference in the world, and we are pleased to support this cause. (Paul Ruddle, Veronica & The Girls)

Remembering Nicky's boundless joy, energy and inspiration, with enormous gratitude for spreading her magic amongst us. (Sarah Couch)

In honor of a wonderful, fantastic lady who will be missed around the world, Nicky Chambers, we love you πŸ’•(Jules Chan)

Beautiful friend, your legacy will only continue to grow. Your light burns so bright. (Rachel Cottam)

Going for a walk with Nicky was never just going for a walk. It was humility and wonderment and a bond with the land. Thanks for the laughter and the boots dear Nicky. (Emily Marshall)

In memory of beloved Nicky Chambers with much love from Spring Grove (Birna Helgadottir, Tim and children)

The legend Nicky Chambers (Mei Mei and Richard Wright)

In loving memory of Nicky Chambers, she lit up our lives, our ambition and our determination to save nature and our planet. Her smile, her laughter, her twinkle and her inspiration will carry us forward. Missed forever. With love from all of the Goodwin Newton-Smith clan 

In memory of an incredibly special spirit that I was lucky enough to call my friend. May she rest in peace. (Nicola Hynes)

In memory of a wonderful human being. (Andrea McMaster)

We are so proud to have known Nicky and our mantra will always be we need to be more Nicky. Always enthusiastic, always positive and always smiling ☺️ (Jill & Simon Bason)

To Nicky a genuinely wonderful person. (Max Inglis)

I’m glad we got to work together. (Stephanie Hime)

For the most wonderful visionary, kind and inspirational woman I was so lucky to call a friend. Nicola McConville xx

I have posted some memories of Nicky on her LinkedIn page announcing her passing, hoping that others may enjoy and also share memories of their own. (Simon Miller)

In memorial of Nicky Chambers (Fiona Place)

In memory and gratitude for Nicky and all she did for people and planet. (Erica Purvis)

Nicky was a force of nature! Sadly, just when we had plans to work together in setting up a nature tech start-up she found out that she was terminally ill. Just wish I had got to know her better sooner. Sending much love to Molly, Fin and Jenny and all her close friends who mourn her. (Susanne Schmitt)

In memory of Nicky Chambers. (Caspar Henderson)

In memory of the wonderful Nicky Chambers, the green goddess whose passion, energy and vision has been an inspiration to me and many other. (Rachel Clay)

She will always be my inspiration. (Andrea Leeson)

For Nicky, Molly and Finn Chambers. (Phil Prichard)

Sorry to have lost you far to soon xxx. (Ian Hunter)

Here’s to more bears (Russell Robson)



Nicky-8485_rollerAlways pulling together.
Photo Catriona Bass.