We subscribe to the following principles for the protection of  intellectual property.

The Nature Recovery Network (NRN) has as its remit wide-ranging aspects of biodiversity. It connects people or all ages and in a many walks of life in a self-organising ‘bottom-up’ network. The NRN thus includes nature-lovers, farmers, photographers, artists, ecologists, biologists, botanists, zoologists, birder, conservationists, professional environmentalists, and many other experts and enthusiasts.

In its short existence, the NRN has already clocked up over 10 000 hours in the thoughts and deeds of a great many contributors who have given their time and professional expertise pro bono.

The ideas, images, and texts seen on this Website are a sample of their multifarious activities. You are welcome to add to these and to use the ideas, images and text for the greater good of conserving and increasing biodiversity, wherever you are. We do, however, ask that you acknowledge the source of the materials you use from the NRN website and do not exploit them for personal gain.