Hedge-planting_headerPhoto Roselle Chapman

The Network Connects for Nature Recovery in Eynsham’s Playing Fields

From your own NRN Correspondent, 15 January 2022:

Over 70 people turned up with their spades, skills and passion to connect up the hedges in the Playing Fields’ Carnival Meadow and the North Field. For four hours on Saturday’s foggy, frosty morning, we dug slits in the ground and slipped in whips of hazel, hawthorn, blackthorn, dog rose, spindle and other native species to recreate a wildlife corridor in the hedges of the Playing Fields. 


Hedge-planting-5401Photo Roselle Chapman


NRNers joined in from Stanton Harcourt, Cassington, Stonesfield and Charlbury to do their bit for nature. In Eynsham, community groups and businesses promoted it among their members with people coming along from Peace Oak, Eynsham Society, Garden Club, Allotment Association, GreenTEA, Rainbow House Chinese Takeaway and the Siemens Healthineers, as well as many individuals and families. The Parish Council and Playing Fields Committee smoothed the way and a Parish Council/NRN team prepared the ground. Our thanks also go to Natural England for its support, and to Wild Oxfordshire (part of our wider network) for funding the ‘whips’ through their Hedgerow Heroes grant from CPRE and for the wonderful series on the importance of hedgerows. A must watch if you haven’t already.

A Good Time was had by all and hopefully nature will have a good time too – in due course!

For those of you now addicted to hedge-planting, we are planning another hedge plantathon on Saturday 12th Feb 10am to 12pm. For more info click here.


Hedge-planting-1725Photo Catriona Bass