We are all well-acquanted with the mammals that live with us in our houses - dogs, cats, hamsters, and the occasional mouse, but what of the mammals that live outside in our gardens, green spaces and surrounding countryside?

We want to discover more about our Zoopolis through our Mammal Surveys. Already we have a Hedgehog Highway under construction, which will enable us to map where Eynsham's hedgehogs roam.

An irregular Feature 'Hog News' will appear irregularly to update hedgehog-watchers about breaking trends in all things hedgehog. The latest issue is here. To read any of the back issues, just type 'Hog News'  into the 'Site Search' box on the Homepage and they will appear as if by magic.

We have begun a water vole survey, with training workshops by our resident expert, Lucy Stoddart who is BBOWT's small mammal project officer. If you are interested in joining the next training, please sign up.

We hope to continue our Garden WIldlife Surveys to learn more about the mammals in our own gardens (and perhaps the neighbour's as well).

Share your opinions and questions in the Mammal Survey Forum.

Sign the NRN Survey Consent Form so that we can share your sightings with national research organisations. 

You might find the following equipment helpful:

  • a notebook
  • binoculars
  • a camera
  • a guide (Human or Artificial)
  • a camera trap