Eynsham's meadows are ready for their final sowing with wildflowers.


The botanical group has done its surveys...

plant survey-0087 Kate Shaw, Linda Wisheart and Nicky Chambers indentifying plants.
Photo: Catriona Bass


plant survey-0093Don Reid, Sarah Couch and Dave Hemrich-Bennett, surveying Peace Oak meadow.
Photo: Catriona Bass


Eynshamers have gathered seeds from Long Mead and sown them in pots...


collecting seed-5649Gathering wildflower seed on Long Mead by Eynshamers and Long Mead's
Carefarming Group, supporting adults with learning disabilities and autism.
Photo Fiona Ravenscroft


Dovehouse propagation-0085Dovehouse group's red campion, oxeye daisy, devils-bit scabious,
seed collected from Long Mead and sown last autumn, now ready to plant out.
Photo Judy Reid


Eynsham's scythers have cut and dried the hay (buy it for your hedgehogs at Eynsham's Great Big Green Week!)...


scything-0152Alexander Roberts testing the bed-springs of Dovehouse hay for comfort.
Photo Catriona Bass.


scything-9Grin(ning) reapers in the Churchyard.
Photo Kevan Martin


Now's the time to join in the final stage of the meadow creation.

We will be scattering wildflower seed in Dovehouse, Fishponds, Peace Oak and Churchyard meadows and then rolling it to make sure it has good contact with the soil. We will be planting out Long Mead's wildflowers from pots, as well as cowslips sponsored by the Eynsham Society and grown from plugs.

Come and sow a single meadow or all the meadows. Please register on the NRN website and let us know where you'd like to be. 

Commercial seed mix and scythes generously funded by the Trust for Oxfordshire's Environment and Grundon Waste Management. Scarifier funded by the County Councillor's Priority Fund (Charles Mathew), Cowslip plugs donated by the Eynsham Society. Wildflower seeds for propagation donated by Long Mead and compost funded by Long Mead and Eynsham Parish Council