Alice Walker writes:

As part of the growing work of our Nature Recovery Network a new survey project has been launched that is dedicated to trees; the trees in our streets, gardens and landscape. The aim is to document what trees we have in our local environment (species, age, health, significance), and, by becoming more aware of them, to look after and protect them. Together we hope to make a good plan for the future so that these amazing and beautiful giants and wannabe giants can continue to play their vital role in our ecology, and in bringing much comfort and joy to us humans.

tree preserve'Eynsham Tree Preserve'
by Alice Walker


We welcome your involvement in our survey team, whatever your age or arboreal expertise. There are lots of trees to survey (measure and photograph) and other tree-related fun to be had.

And there is an Offer you might not be able to refuse:

Please tell us about your favourite Eynsham tree - the most compelling/interesting/amusing entry will win a bottle of champagne or fabulous box of chocolates.

“I love this tree because………..”

Responses by 30th April.

You can contact us at
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