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Our Mission

To conserve and increase the biodiversity of our local area.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a 'bottom-up' network of people, including enthusiasts, experts, businesses, local government, in a common goal of conserving and creating a mosaic of different habitats in our area to address the ecological and climate crises.

One major task is to discover what we already have and to do this - by surveying, for example recording the location and condition of veteran trees, meadows, streams, ponds etc - and to document data from air soil and water pollution monitors.

Our Association's Goals

This initiative aims to bring together individuals at the parish level to:

  • Survey all aspects relating to the biodiversity of the parish (water courses, hedgerows, veteran trees, woodland, species-rich verges, water, soil, and air quality), assess their condition and, where necessary, follow up with professional surveys.
  • Identify areas where biodiversity exists and protected, and where biodiversity can be increased.
  • Gather community proposals for biodiversity gain.
  • Implement these proposals in a principled and planned process, informed by current knowledge of 'best-practice'.
  • Use the data gathered to create a baseline from which to set targets and monitor recovery of habitats and wildlife over time.
  • Set up a Steering Committee linked into the Parish, District and County Councils to communicate proposals, results, and facilitate change.
  • Collate, store, analyse and disseminate data to create a local resource for planning etc. (e.g. feeding into TVERC) or for further research (Long Mead Biodiversity Research Project etc).